Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Seven Secrets

OK. Nearly a month ago Wendy nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Wendy and I met sooo long ago when we both attended our first screenwriting course.  She writes brilliant YA novels and is tackling an adult one at the moment.  Click on her link above to find out more.

Anyway, it has been a few weeks and I am well overdue. Wendy is stalking me with her favourite weapon. A ball and chain improvised from an old Remington and a Victorian toilet chain. I'd better get it done.

Can you hear her?

Grunt, scrape, gasp.

Wendy. I'm doing it! Stop dragging that thing about.

Now the Very Inspiring Blogger Award is given by bloggers to bloggers and here are the rules:

1. Link back to the person nominating you for the award -done
2. Display the Very Inspiring Blogger logo -done
3. Reveal seven things about yourself (see below) but these are secret, just between us. OK?
4. Nominate seven others to receive the award (see below) though I can't promise I will manage seven.

Okay.  So seven things about me that you won't find on my profile:

1)  I can make my knees bend backwards. Yep. I must have some alien genes buried in there. Not a party trick to demonstrate at meal times because people do get queasy.

2) On that theme, I once threw up in the ballroom of Charlottenburg Palace. They were renovating the floor and we all had to wear special felt shoes to protect it. Unfortunately they also had all the windows shut to stop dust getting in. A wall of glass in a heatwave with toasty toes was never going to end well.

3) I won a limerick competition when I was 10. It was a class competition and submitted more entries than the rest of the class combined.
         There once was a fine Hampshire Hog
         Who noticed her old writing Blog
         Was feeling bereft
         Of her postings most deft
         So she dragged her Muse out of the Bog.
I know. Not wonderful. But it is late.

4) I can't drink alcohol. It makes me sick. Yes. I know it makes everyone sick eventually but it only takes a couple of sips for me. It is an intolerance rather than an allergy. On the plus side - never had a hangover. On the minus side - guess who is always the designated driver.

5) My family is HUUUUUUGE!!!!  Twice a year my Nan, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins would all gather. In the summer this meant a convoy of cars heading somewhere green.  Of course it had to stop regularly so the cousins could play musical cars. One of the sprogs was asked to do a family tree, just three generations.  We had to get the wallpaper out.

6) My favourite Christmas as a kid was when my Mum and Dad invited friends round and we had a multi-religious day.  It was a mix of Christians, Muslims and Hindus. Each brought traditional food and showed how they celebrated that time of year.  Moussa brought a Hookah but Mum said I couldn't have a go.  He gave me some Sesame Halva instead. Yum.

7) I have just won a battle against Breast Cancer.  It took nearly 2yrs, I am still recovering from side effect, but I kicked its butt.  I now have a cyber-boob too.

Right.  Now for my victims nominees. Don't worry folks.  I won't hold you to it.

Elinor, Lucy, Northern Scribbler (your identity is safe with me), Adaddinsane (also hush hush), Rob (yes this is revenge), Connie and Emma.  Phew.  Done.

Now put that typewriter down Wendy!